Integrated Composite Repair

The integration of composite repair, inspection and training is being developed on the backdrop of the urgent need to provide more advanced and efficient training methods.

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Composite Training Courses

STRATAGEM provides industrial leadership in the global development of a unique and integrated learning infrastructure on sustainable and validated structural repair, automated inspection, inspection data collection & dissemination and specialized training. We do this in cooperation with partner ACRATS Training Services. Learn more…

Together with partners in Asia, Middle East and Brazil STRATAGEM works on developing new training methods and more efficient and effective knowledge transfer in order to meet the challenges for a significant shortage in skilled labor in the MRO industry.

Laser Coating Removal Robot

A breakthrough in paint stripping technology: unique, sustainable and cost-effective.

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Automatic Painting Robot

A Spin-off of the LCR in development at LR SYSTEMS BV. bringing new painting solutions to aerospace.

Country Projects