Composite Application Center

STRATAGEM provides industrial leadership in the global development of a unique and integrated learning infrastructure on sustainable and validated structural repair, automated inspection, inspection data collection & dissemination and specialized training.

The integration of composite repair, inspection and training is being developed on the backdrop of the urgent need to provide more advanced and efficient training methods to prepare the “workforce of tomorrow” for the increasing use of composite structures in the aircraft industry and beyond

Composite Application Center

CAC is a Singapore based “one stop shop” for composite R&D, engineering, manufacturing technology, customized prototype building, testing validation of new equipment and materials, training and commercial operations.

STRATAGEM Singapore participates in the CAC. It includes specialized and certified training, on-the-job training facilities for students, workforce development & skills future programs, retraining of legacy workforce, flexible workforce capability for 3rd parties and a platform for trading composite materials.

The mission of CAC is to grow composite business worldwide through a combination expertise, partnership and domain knowledge from a Singapore based HQ.