STRATAGEM Group was established in 2005 and currently works from three main locations, Amsterdam, Singapore and Brazil.


STRATAGEM advises public and private industry that require forward looking preparation for industrial change. The company has led various global strategic projects and critical technology clusters involving cross border organizations and governments. The company is part of the Stratagem Network, to which Stratagem Consulting also belongs.


After the innovation stage, prototype development takes the upper hand. STRATAGEM takes on the responsibility to bring the finalized product to the market place, covering all corners of the globe. Part of bringing the product to market involves implementation and on-the-job training which STRATAGEM coordinates and leads.

Incubation for Innovation

STRATAGEM specializes in conceptualizing and coordinating the development of break-through technology achieved through superior understanding of directions, trends and inefficiencies in Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul processes. Innovation is achieved by leveraging on STRATAGEM's global network of industry leaders, partnerships with scientists at top technical universities, governmental bodies, and technology institutes. During innovation phase, STRATAGEM is responsible for project managing, raising necessary capital/financing, project planning, and making the business case for the market. Our team involves market participants at an early stage to sit on the development boards of new innovative products to ensure requirements are matched with real market place processes and needs.

Centre of Excellence Creation

Each newly developed product offers its own unique sustainable solution, automated process, economic efficiency gain, and process technology break-through. STRATAGEM has the capability and experience to work with its partners to create regional Centre of Excellence hubs.


STRATAGEM since its inception has developed global training programs for the F16, has launched the Helicopter Support and Training Organisation, and is leading the charge in Integrated Composite Repair training through ICRIT. Virtual Maintenance is a key focus area of the group.


We shape the future of MRO best practices by introducing smart solutions
We believe innovation is best achieved through Collaboration
Connect break-through technology with the market place

Our Philosophy


We believe innovation is best achieved through Collaboration. STRATAGEM works closely with a global network of industry leaders, scientists at top technical universities, governmental bodies, R&D institutes, and laboratories, to develop smart solutions for changing industry needs.


Many processes across Aerospace, Defense, and Maritime industries, are out-dated and harmful to people and environment. STRATAGEM only takes on projects that promote overall better efficiency gains for People, Planet and Profit.


Many areas across MRO are ripe for change and innovation. STRATAGEM originates and helps develop concepts such as Robotics Solutions, Automation, Training, and Process Improvement, to help prepare industry to newly introduced technology, sustainable capacity growth, and overall efficiency.


  • STRATAGEM Innovation Singapore Pte Ltd

    Dedicated innovation arm for Singapore and Asian markets

  • LR Systems B.V.

    Dedicated subsidiary for the laser coating removal robot

  • Hekt B.V.

    Stratagem is leading the HEKT consortium that is developing a game application for awareness and damage avoidance training on composites

  • Helicopter Support & Training Organization

    Maintenance, repair and training program for helicopters

  • Integrated Composite Repair Inspection Training

    ICRIT is creating a new global training and learning environment in (automated) Repair & Inspection Processes, Inspection Data Collection & Dissemination, and Training around the globe.

Meet Our Team

Paul van IJsselstein


Rob Meeng

Military Advisor

Marcelo Cantor

Brazil Representative

Barend van IJsselstein

Director, Singapore