Laser Coating Removal Robot

A breakthrough in paint stripping technology: Unique, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective. After several years of research and conceptualisation, Stratagem originated LR Systems BV to launch the technology.

Focus R&D on Robotic MRO Solutions

  • Loss of Skilled Personnel Through Retirement
  • Continued Pressure on Costs
  • Dependency on Labor

Use of Robotic Solutions will lead to:

  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Less Dependency On Factor Labor
  • More Predictability and Quality
  • More Flexibility in Planning
  • Contribute to Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Automatic Painting Robot

A spin-off of the LCR in development at LR Systems BV. Bringing new painting solutions to Aerospace.

Composite Repair

Global training solutions provided through the establishment of ICRIT.
Building composite repair centres around the globe.

Virtual Maintenance

Working on the future of maintenance training.

Helicopter Training Support Organisation

Stratagem was key in the formation of the HSTO team is a candidate for the maintenance of the Cougar helicopters of the Royal Netherlands Airforce.

Country Projects